A Journey to the Stars

This BlueChip documentary follows the remarkable achievements and developments of Saudi Arabia within the international world of science: In the Holy City of Mecca, a new center for science and Astronomy is emerging within the largest clock tower worldwide.

Centuries have passed since the Golden Age of Islamic Sciences (800- 1300 AD). Dr. Yassin Mleaky, president of the new institute, is now faced with the challenge to build upon this glorious past. His plan is to establish a robotic network spanning the globe, solely for the observation of the Moon. This can only be achieved in collaboration with highly regarded observatories, as well as international acclaimed scientists, designers, and engineers. A Journey to the Stars will document this exhilarating development from its early stages.

Professor Hanns Ruder, award-winning astrophysicist from Germany, was asked to collaborate in this project and proposed the creation of the most detailed model of the Moon.

For the film, Mark Robinson, US Moon expert, leads through NASA’s Space Center in Houston – a place otherwise difficult to access. In 2009, a probe equipped with a camera was sent to space to explore the Moon. Will Professor Ruder accomplish his plan for the lunar model with the data provided by this orbiter?

A Journey to the Stars was shot over several years in 5 different countries and offers an exciting look on the rebirth of the scientific world in Saudi Arabia. The film gives a unique insight into one of the most impressive exhibits inside the Makkah Tower: the world’s biggest photo merge of the Milky Way. A Journey to the Stars looks behind the scenes of this striking creation by an American astronomer, assembled from 37,000 photographs.


Release date: June 2017, 48-52 Minutes, 2k Full HD
Languages: German, English, Arabic