In collaboration with corresponding technology partners, Vista Rasch has developed an audio guiding system for the Astronomy Center. The priority of the Audio Guide development process was to direct the visitor’s attention towards the exhibition content, rather than towards the handling of the device itself.

Every exhibit is located in an “activating zone”. Upon entering it, an image of the respective exhibit is shown on the 3.5” display of the device, and the corresponding audio content will be played. The sound track of linear media, like, for example videos is synchronized automatically. Content may be played either on integrated loudspeakers or over connected headphones.

The device is especially easy to operate - it merely prompts the visitor to choose the language at the beginning of the tour. An intuitive design of the touch-screen enables repeating or pausing of audio content.

The system is designed for high numbers of visitors and a resulting heavy-duty use. Special stations serve to charge the devices; high-quality batteries ensure durability, even at frequent charging cycles.

The Audio content has been recorded in 12 languages. Based on the average time visitors spend at the exhibits, Audio Guide texts have been designed to be rather short, allowing the visitor to listen to the content in its entirety. The audio text is conceived as a narrative, while the exhibition wall texts rather serve an informative purpose.