Cosmos Visualized

What are the origins of the Earth and the Moon? What is the structure of the planetary surfaces? How was our solar system formed 4.6 million years ago? All these questions have been answered by science today. It is a challenge to attract the interest of exhibition visitors through such complex theories and scientific data, but, with the help of computer animation, we are able to translate mere theory into spectacular imagery and exciting stories.

For the Astronomy Exhibition, a team of experienced 3D artists, authors and producers created animated films in cooperation with scientists. The Vista Rasch Team focused on exciting storytelling and the creation of striking images to captivate the attention of the viewer. To ensure scientific accuracy, all conceptual development was effected in collaboration with astrophysicists.

For the Solid Planets film, our 3D artists created a tracking shot through the solar system’s biggest rift valley – the 4000-km long Valles Marineris. Using topographical data, it was possible to reproduce part of the gigantic rift valley on Mars, and the best satellite images of the Sun were used to recreate the solar surface via 3D animation.

Computer animation allows the recreation of past and future events. A part from scientific research the creative vision of the 3d artist is of importance. To recreate Earth’s formation, for example, particle systems were used. With the help of experienced, dedicated scientists and 3D artists, Vista Rasch successfully created striking images of the Universe, offering them to a broad audience.