Durable Image Floors

Photographic Flooring enhances the level of immersion of an exhibition. However, they are not easy to realize as they have to avoid signs of wear even at large visitor numbers. Therefore, Vista Rasch developed a new process based on printed porcelain stoneware tiles.

For the Astronomy Exhibition, Vista Rasch realized several high-quality graphical floors. The reproduced images include the surface of the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth, as well as our galaxy, the Milky Way.

An innovative digital printing technique allowed the printing of ceramic pigments onto unburnt porcelain stoneware tiles. This procedure achieved a high-brilliance color reproduction in a high-contrast photographic quality.

The burning of the tiles at 900° Celsius achieved a durable, high-tenacity ceramic coating. The overall amount of data used in the process was 50 gigabytes, resulting in a variety of tile mosaics expanding on an overall area of 800 sqm.