Infinite Milky Way

The center of the Infinite Milky Way Exhibition is a 14-meter wide and 7-meter high panoramic image of the Milky Way. The Milky Way Panorama is the world’s most detailed and biggest panoramic image of our galaxy – the Milky Way. It is assembled from over 37000 images with an overall resolution of 5 giga pixels.

Over the period of one year, the night skies of North America and South Africa were photographed. Afterwards, the resulting photographs were assembled into a monumental panoramic image of our Milky Way. The gigantic panoramic image is backlit with LED lights, creating the illusion of shining stars. Over 85 million stars are visible on the display.

Specially developed media telescopes enable an interactive experience of the Milky Way panorama. Visitors are able to zoom in on different areas and obtain information on stars, constellations and galaxies.

Several photographic tables show spectacular Hubble Space Telescope images of astronomical events within the Milky Way, like planetary nebula, exploding stars, and star clusters.

The incredible dimensions of the universe are displayed on the photographic floors of the exhibition, showing the Milky Way from above. Visitors thus are able to travel over 150.000 light years, from one end of the galaxy to another, by foot, and see where our solar system is located inside the Milky Way.