Large Format Backlit Images

Vista Rasch’s Large Format Backlit has been specially developed for large-size backlit images. The largest format realized to date is 25 x 6.5 meters – the biggest diapositive worldwide.

Its frame construction is based on light, yet robust aluminum trusses, allowing a self-supporting, ground-mounted structure, and a construction suspended from the ceiling or attached to the walls.

The specially developed LED lighting achieves a completely uniform backlighting of the image with only 10 light points per sqm. The large-size image installations are fully accessible for operational purposes, at only 70 cm of overall depth. Over integrated, rail-mounted stairs, even overhead areas are made easily accessible.

The image has been printed in a high-resolution digital printing procedure on a specially coated textile fabric and attached to the frame with securing straps. The fabric’s black density, of essential importance for the backlighting, has been optimized to achieve the highest possible contrast of the images. The welding process of the fabric segments was improved to keep seams to a minimum, making them invisible from a viewing distance of 2 meters onwards.