Milky Way 360

„Milky Way 360” takes the audience on an immersive journey to the limits of our galaxy. The viewer himself directs his view inside this stunning panoramic moving image.

The film starts with a 360° view on the city of Makkah at night. For this quick-motion sequence, Vista Rasch specially developed an installation of 24 cameras with automatic triggers. The Makkah night sky expands over the heads of the audience, shining with thousands of stars. The film then leaves Earth behind, planets and new worlds emerging before the viewers eyes: Venus, wrapped in sulfur nebula, the Sun with its scorching surface full of whirls and gigantic protuberances, and the orion nebula, birthing numerous stars.

All these fascinating images are computer generated. Satellite images have been used to reproduce planetary surfaces and textures. This 4-minute film has been produced over the course of various months, as all images were produced in an 8K resolution.