Modular Backlit Display System

The Modular Backlit Display System has been developed as a modular display system to exhibit large backlit photographs and graphics in combination with media displays and showcased exhibits.

Through an innovative LED lighting system specially developed for the Backlit Display System, image sizes of several meters can easily be displayed, at a housing depth of only 30 centimeters. The biggest wall-mounted motif realized to date has a size of 4.5 x 3.5 meters. The picture carriers can be produced as a Diasec or textile print with fire safety requirement B1.

The housing is based on a modular aluminum profile system available as a wall-mounted or free-standing construction. The powder-coated metal paneling is designed for extensive exposure and durability.

The display housing can be equipped in different sizes with graphics, showcases and media displays. Lighting and media technology components are completely integrated into the housing. For maintenance, the front of the display system can be opened allowing for a full access, facilitating any exchange or enhancement of the built-in technology components.

The design of the housing allows the installation of reader rails when necessary. The reader rails have been developed for a full-screen backlight. High-strength, scratch-proof Polycarbonate picture carriers are used, suitable for large numbers of visitors. Furthermore, operational functions for interactive media exhibits can be added. Reader rails are also available in a freestanding version.