Animated Film & Computer-generated Images

Our visualization and animation effects departments offer a broad spectrum of services. Stunning computer-generated imagery and visual effects constitute the core of our work. Exact historical reconstructions, astronomy worlds, or visualizations of complex architectural and urban planning projects are only a few of our possibilities for the creation of a credible, visually striking product.

Vista Rasch’s connected in-house departments ensure an efficient, time-saving film production. Our CGI division enables in-house software development with its own rendering farm and high-end workstations. Among its special services are 360° full-dome films and special formats up to 8K, successfully realized in a number of past projects for museums, educational institutions, construction companies, and TV broadcasters.

Factual Film & Documentaries

Vista Rasch focuses on unique and fascinating stories related to science, culture and history, narrated through a strong visual language.

The entire development process is managed in-house, from concept and script development to production and distribution, ensuring the best result for special projects. Our state of the art equipment features latest Sony 4k film cameras as well as several editing suites hooked to an Avid Isis Storage System. Our in-house VR Studio enables the production of green-screen images.

Immersive Exhibits

Our exhibition and interior design concepts direct the viewer’s attention through the impact of powerful visuals. It is our experience and conviction that topics communicate best through the creation of a visually striking, immersive environment.

We draw from years of expertise in the fields of exhibition concept, text, artwork, film, and interactive media. Exhibition concepts are integrally developed, from the first steps of the design process to planning, manufacturing and assembly. We furthermore develop full operating concepts for exhibitions, including all installations, such as our immersive exhibits and interactive media.