Show Cases

The showcases constructed by Vista Rasch are suitable for smaller to large-sized artifacts. The biggest showcase is 7 meters in height with a base area of 3x3m meters, and was built for a 1:50- scale cutaway model of the Makkah Clock. The weight of the showcase is about 7000 kilograms.

The special construction method makes it possible to achieve an all-round glazing effect, even at large dimensions. The custom-built safety glass panels with a 27-millimeter thickness have a double-sided anti-glare coating. 10 times less reflective than conventional glass, the panels provide undistorted colors and contrasts.

The lighting of the exhibits is effected by LEDs, invisibly built into the framework structure. To ensure smooth maintenance and cleaning, a heavy-duty drawer is built into the socket of the showcase, so that the exhibited object can be easily accessed. Sensitive exhibits can be equipped with a noise-damped air-conditioning system with air-humidity controlling.