Solar System to scale

The Sun and all eight planets of our solar system as visible from space can be observed in the large void of the Astronomy Exhibition. The installation of planetary models, 33 meters in length, is suspended from the ceiling and beaded like a set of pearls on a necklace. All planetary models have been scaled in relation to the Sun, visualizing its colossal size: the Sun has a diameter of  19 meters, while the Earth model is merely the size of a football. The Jupiter model still reaches a respective size of  2 meters. For Saturn, one and a half meters in size, an annular disc 3.5 meters in diameter was built.

The spheres were fabricated from acrylic glass and coated with adhesive slides showing the surface of the respective planets.

The images used are based on the best quality photographs taken by different satellites. For a striking demonstration of the planetary surface topography, the interior of the models was equipped with LEDs.