Achmed Rasch

Achmed Rasch is the founder and manager of Vista Rasch. Through his self-developed approach of visual design, he is today active in all fields of visual design and media production, especially in exhibition and film production. Since 1999, he has produced numerous animated films on complex architectural and engineering projects. He produced the award-winning TV-documentary “The Mecca Clock Tower”, which was widely broadcasted internationally.

Together with his team, he has conceived, designed and produced over 200 exhibits and scientific installations for the Lunar and Astronomy Center in Mecca, including several hours of audio-visual media and interactive experiences.

Achmed is currently working on several TV-documentaries and exhibition projects. He is now in pre-production of this first feature film about the history of Islamic Sciences in Europe.

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Ensar Jusufovic
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Achmed Rasch
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Our experienced and diverse team represents the wide range of knowledge and competence within Vista Rasch. Coming from various professional backgrounds, all of them have great experience and knowledge in their field. We create outstanding work  in cooperation with international production companies, museums and educational institutions. The productions are diverse such as high-quality documentary and feature films on culture, religion, history, architecture and science for international cinema and TV. Additionally, the company specializes on producing computer-generated images and visual effects, as well as interior and exhibition design concepts.