Walkable Sky Globe

The Walkable Sky Globe has been specially developed for the projection of 360° films. It consists of two 6-meter diameter hemispheres. An elevated platform in the center of the globe holds a capacity of up to 25 people. Highly immersive, this construction provides the visitor with the perfect illusion of a first-hand experience.

Each hemisphere of the Sky Globe consists of an extremely lightweight, highly resistant glass fiber composite material. The interior of the hemispheres has been specially coated for an optimized projection. Twelve professional HD projectors enable an all-over projection. The projectors have been specifically placed to maximize visitors’ view: six projectors have been installed in the upper and another six in the lower area of the globe.

The overall resolution of the projection is 36 mega pixels, making pixels invisible to the naked eye, even from the closest viewing distance. An auto-calibration system ensures a steadily focused image, even at smallest deviations. An 8.1 audio system creates a unique surround sound experience, completing the 360° experience.

The Walkable Sky Globe’s exterior can be painted, or coated with adhesive foil. The globe in Makkah has been coated with a special foil, printed with the zodiac signs of the Northern Hemisphere.