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Research and development

VISTA MEDIA & DESIGN offers content research and development for museum, science center and media projects. We draw on a wide network of leading scientific institutions, scholars, and specialists in Germany, Europe and around the world supporting our development team with their special know-how delivering to an elaborate, state-of-the-art quality project.


Design and build

We design and build world-class museums, science centers and media-based attractions. Starting from concept development, to design and production, until final installation we follow a holistic approach and so ensure a fully functional, credible, and lasting result. With our strong network of specialized manufacturers we deliver the latest cutting-edge-technology to our projects.


Operation and maintenance

We develop operating plans and feasibility studies for science centers and museums. With many years of experience in the operation of visitor attractions we offer team recruitment and the overall operations and maintenance of visitor attractions either together with the owner or as an independent service provider, aiming at establishing the Project as a leading attraction.


With a background in lightweight architecture, we offer the planning and construction of structures for visitor attractions as well as for buildings of all other use. With the support of our industry associates we integrate advanced engineering and construction methods such as CAD/CAM, structural composites, fluid dynamics and pedestrian flow simulations. We use extensive 3d-visualization methods at all stages of design and construction in pursuit of the best result.


Our exhibition design approach focuses on the seamless integration of cutting-edge media technology with high-definition content and a balanced use of physical models, graphics, and typography. With our experienced in-house film and media production, we conceptualize and produce all media content for our exhibition projects. VISTA MEDIA & DESIGN can therefore offer the entire spectrum from a single source.


VISTA MEDIA & DESIGN offers the production of TV documentaries and reports. With our state-of-the-art production equipment, we realize high level productions completely in-house. Building on many years of experience we also produce animation films for special formats such as 360-degree and Fulldome as well as interactive virtual experiences and applications as part of a museum project or as independent projects.

World’s largest and

most accurate Moon globe

Manufactured with NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data


Years of experience


CPU cores


Exhibits realized


Hours produced content

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Since 20 Years

In 1999, our managing director and founder Achmed Rasch formed a small team for 3D computer graphics, working on projects together with his father Mahmoud Bodo Rasch. Being a relatively new technology at the time, we started developing folding simulations for large umbrellas eventually producing first fully computer animated short films of entire project design proposals. In the pursuit for more realism, we started early on to use VFX methods in our productions.

In 2003, we became an independent company which continued with architectural 3D visualization works but also expanded into new fields. We started with own architectural design projects using our expertise in 3D visualization as our main design tool. This way of working quickly proved to be successful and we were able to win projects, with the Lunar and Astronomy Science Center in Makkah being the most prestigious.

From 2008 the cooperation on projects with SL-Rasch became more intensive and we joined SL-Rasch as a department with our management and administration. During this time, we realized the Makkah Clock and numerous other projects together. We continued to operate as an independent company in 2015, which after several structural and name changes became Vista Media & Design GmbH in 2019.

Virtual Design

Over the years we have developed a design approach based on virtual reality. In an iterative process, we design structures and spaces from the beginning in a full scale virtual 3-dimensional environment with accurate models, realistic lighting and materials. Based on the virtual model, scaled physical models and mockups are created when necessary.

This reality-based planning process is the basis for an accurate, efficient and successful project realization and integrates perfectly with today’s BIM standards.

Simulation Tools

Based on the virtual planning model and the project requirements we use simulation tools for structural analysis, acoustic and lighting design.

For projects with large numbers of visitors, we can simulate the flow of people with a specially developed software. In this way, we can design a project for a desired capacity and determine the optimal capacity for existing projects.

Scientific research and technology development

We are involved in scientific research projects and work closely with manufacturers to develop new and improve existing methods, technologies, and materials.

In collaboration with the Bartenbach Lichtlabor and the University of Innsbruck, we conducted a perception-psychological study to improve museum visitor guidance.

IT and Media Technology

Our way of working has always required demanding and high-performing IT and media technology. Our projects benefit from over 20 years of experience, in planning, implementing and operating sophisticated production environments and media attractions.

Production facilities and equipment

Our office is fully equipped with a high-performance IT infrastructure and in-house software development. All our departments work in a fully color-managed workflow ensuring color accuracy right from design to production. Our CGI department is equipped with its own rendering farm and high-end workstations.

Our film production unit is equipped with Sony F55 film cameras and our two film editing suites are fully equipped for offline video editing with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro editing systems. For working together on large projects and for archiving and providing footage, a shared memory system is used.

Facilities for fine art printing and exhibit prototyping support a high-level development and execution of our projects.

Project management

We use schedule network analysis, time tracking and a central ERP system for all commercial processes to ensure efficient and stable project management.

In the execution phase, we use special project servers through which the planning coordination and approval processes are efficiently handled with all those involved in the project.

Film and Media Archive

We hold an archive of several hundred hours of quality footage and still photography related to our productions.

For licensing inquiries please contact us.

Our office

We are located near Stuttgart in Germany, with departments for design, production, IT and project management.

Our special team

Our experienced core team of executives, engineers and creative professionals is supplemented by a long-standing pool of freelancers and experts.

Achmed Rasch

Managing Director

Taner Karaarslan

Senior Producer / Director

Heiko Schäfer

Computer Scientist

Nabeel AlHebshi

Project Director KSA

Ekaterina Haberkorn

Senior Designer

Gerhard Luckner

Senior Architect

Andrea Zimmermann

Senior Producer

Markus Wagner

Media Engineer

Mohammad Albustani


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Vista Media & Design GmbH
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Phone: +49 (0)711 997 300 0

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